Designing fabrics for digital printing

Graphic design is not just the reproduction of an image or just the process of composing. It is the “communication” of a message to specific recipients.

As designers when creating a product, we must pay special attention to the following:

• The audience we address through the product
• The importance, the value of the message we want to convey
• The feeling we want our message to create to the public

We must never forget that a good design helps to increase sales and grow our business.

When designing a product that utilizes digital printing on fabric, we need to know both the technology of digital printing, as well as have a new approach with new products and new marketing strategies. Aware of the market, we definitely aim high! A variety of sources of inspiration, new materials and products, fashion trends, as well as mixed techniques to be used, will help develop creative and innovative designs and patterns for textile design.

The elements that will be used such as the composition, the colors, the photos, the designs and the effects as well as their placement on the fabric are the ones that will establish a design suitable for the textile area. The evolution of digital printing on fabric allows designers to experiment without restriction with a high level of detail.

An inspiration can help to develop a different idea, a new design, a new product. You need to do a thorough research, your “personal journey” where you will reliably explore all the information. Gather your material and develop your idea step by step.

Creating in a digital age a revolutionary path is opened by contributing to the creation of higher quality products.