At Lacrimosa Design we always renew our collection of fabrics, to give you the opportunity to produce your desired product in the right fabric.

We can arrange an appointment in our office, so you can check out our fabrics in person!

1. Digital printing on knitted polyester fabric

A blend of 80% polyester is also available – 20% cotton. 

Ideal for

clothing, for sweatshirts or short jackets.

2. Digital print on velvet.

A prestigious fabric that gives a perfect color rendering. A soft fabric stable or with elasticity.

Ideal for:

making leggings, dresses or traditional costumes.

3. Digital printing on scuba

It is available in three different thicknesses with the same knit, an elastic fabric. 

Ideal for:

garments, partially waterproof.

4. Digital printing on crepe in different qualities

It is a popular fabric. It can be glossy or matte, satin or elastic. With the characteristic dots in texture. 

Ideal for:

dresses and blouses.

5. Digital printing on waterproof nylon

Polyester nylon fabric that prints bright and vibrant colors.

Ideal for:

jackets, swimwear shorts.

6. Digital printing on silk printing

For those who want soft and genuine fabrics, we have 10 different types of natural silk fabrics.

Suitable for every use.

7. Digital printing on knitted polyester fabric

A special vintage fabric reminiscent of old times. Use this fabric for a fresh and special presentation of your products.

Ideal for:

pillows, throws, and decorative items.

8. Digital printing in organza

A simple knitted fabric, light and airy.

Perfect for:

scarves, dresses and clothing. Organza is widely used in interior design but also event decoration.

9. Digital printing on transparent chiffon

A transparent and very thin fabric where the print will be also displayed on the back, creating the illusion of duplication.

Suitable for

kimonos, scarves, blouses and curtains.

10. Digital printing on a perforated cloth

Although it is pierced, the visual is depicted and imprinted perfectly.

Suitable for:

summer clothing or outfits for special occasions.

11. Digital printing on fleece

Soft, charming fluffy fabric best for creating warm and winter products with indelible printing.

Ideal for:

blankets, jackets and scarves

12. Digital printing on a perforated stationary cloth

Fixed or elastic net, suitable for elegant creations.

Ideal for:

blouses, details in clothes and decorative applications.

13. Digital printing on polyester sweatshirt

Fabric with light pile on the printable side. The back can be fluffy or without. Performs colors perfectly.

Ideal for:

blouses, cardigans, scarves, winter items.

14. Woven fabrics

We can knit your own jacquard fabric in your favorite colors and design for unique handmade creations.

15. Digital printing on lace

We offer different types of lace, ideal for clothes and accessories.

16. Digital printing on organic cotton

The purest natural material, printed in pure and vibrant colors.

Ideal for:

children’s clothing and for those who love organic fabrics.

17. Digital printing on satin

Printing on satin fabric is famous for its stable printing as well as the intense imprinting of colors. Satin has a glossy and a matte side. It can be fixed or elastic.

Ideal for:

making pyjamas, robes, household items and clothes such as dresses, pants or kimonos

18. Digital printing on perforated lace

Lace is always in fashion! We print on any type of lace with decorative knitting.

Ideal for:

curtains, and women’s clothing.

19. Digital printing on towel fabric

Towel fabric is ideal for making towels or other similar items. Mixed knit on the printable side and 100% cotton on the inside. Provides precision and bright colors in printing.

20. Digital printing on lycra

Lycra is a fabric with excellent gloss and elasticity, gives wonderful colors on printing.

Ideal for:

swimsuits, leggings, bodysuits and blouses.

21. Digital printing on georgette (chiara)

Cast fabric with grains on its surface that does not wrinkle.

Ideal for:

scarves, dresses, shirts, skirts and any women’s clothing.

22. Digital printing on muslin

Fine, transparent and airy fabric. It prints perfectly!

Ideal for:

wedding dresses, clothes, kimonos, blouses, pareos.

23. Digital printing on poplin

Polyester cotton touch poplin. Gives a mat printing.

Ideal for:

shirts, pants and linen.

24. Digital printing on flame

Polyester flame with light stripes in its weave. It has a low elasticity and transparency and gives us very good color.

Ideal for:

blouses, scarves and linen.

25. Digital printing on canvas

A soft canvas textile with bright colors. It is a stable fabric. Quite heavy.

Suitable for:

aprons, pillows, upholstery and accessories.