Printing on polyester fabrics

Polyester fabric-based printing is the most popular in recent years in the field of digital fabric printing. Its incomparable advantage is that it gives us the unique opportunity to print designs with great detail and unlimited colors.
Polyester is an artificial synthetic substance where it can be in the form of a fiber from which the fabric can be produced. It is used in all types of clothing in the fashion industry, in upholstery fabrics and linens, as well as in accessories and everyday products. It has a long life and resistance to washing and is resistant to sun and water.

As a material it has high elasticity, does not wrinkle easily and does not shrink. However, it has static electricity and very often attracts dry dirt.

In the field of fashion, designers and producers print their designs on polyester fabrics because it offers printing with bright colors and is resistant to all weather conditions. This is the reason why they are especially popular in the field of sports. It can be easily cut with a laser, has pleats, shapes, and has an excellent seam.

Its durability makes it the most suitable fabric for furniture upholstery and interior decoration fabrics and with and outdoors as it does not absorb moisture and does not easily collect dust.

During the dye sublimation printing process, the color is sublimated by pressure and high temperature from the paper material (holding material) to the fabric. This method is suitable for printing on polyester fabrics and not on natural fabrics such as cotton, silk, or viscose.

Printed polyester fabrics are recyclable (rPET), an ally in everyone’s quest for viability as they can be chemically shredded into tiny chips and remanufactured.

At Lacrimosa Design, we have tested 100+polyester fabrics and are extremely experienced in color management and printing. We offer fabrics of high quality and detail.