Printed products creation

Create your own collection!

If you are looking for a unique idea that will give a strong visual impression, at Lacrimosa Design we can help you design your own range of pillows, bags, fixtures, aprons, tobacco bags, posters, calendars or other products, with your company brand or the graphic design on the item, suitable for your stores, in order to promote your company.

With our knowledge, creativity and imagination we can help you utilize all the existing technology to produce new products on the market.


In the largest industry, that of fashion, we design and print original designs for your collection. We create unique and fresh designs in line with the market and the trends, that could even make a statement along with the opportunity to produce without limits. We can even create patterns and designs on clothes for a small number of pieces in a short time.


Colorful bags, shoes, scarves, aprons and other accessories from printed fabric have a huge interest in the current market place. We design and produce these products with real designs, ideas and with a very creative mood.

Interior design

Pillows, decorative items, lamps, curtains, tablecloths and many other creations for interior design can be easily created. We have the know-how to work on texture and materials and we can group them up aiming for the best result.


Send your message with powerful products especially designed according to your company’s brand and style. Use design and printing on fabric as a marketing tool.

Together we can create products that will impress your clients, boost your sales and promote your services.

Ideal for promotions in:

  • hotels
  • museums – art and culture spaces
  • travel agencies
  • sports teams and clubs – gyms
  • event agencies
  • nightclubs
  • commercial shops

and in any other professional field.

Call Lacrimosa Design to discuss your needs and suggest the most creative and appropriate idea for you!

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If you are planning a wedding, a religious event, a presentation, an opening or even promoting a service and you want to print a fabric that will accompany your own personal style our new service is especially made for you.

We design the graphic theme that matches your pillows, mats, candy boxes and packages giving a more personal and vibrant tone to your event.

Everyday products

We can design and create ipad cases, notebooks, towels, tobacco pouches and other everyday products, enriching your range οf production by offering your clients more options with originally designed products.

Our products, apart from decorative use, are a very successful and innovative promotional tool, since they will remind and strengthen the promotion of your corporate identity at any presentation.

Apart from decorative use, our products are a very successful and innovative advertising tool since, with their presence/placement at any space, they will showcase and promote your brand.