Textile design

We are extremely flexible when it comes to pattern creation for our products. Our aim is to create designs with a strong statement that will communicate your message more effectively. We can advise you about fashion trends, events and house decoration and how it could best serve your business or your customers. Bold contrasts or soft shades, shapes, flowers, abstract designs, vintage or retro creations, different patterns and handmade drawings are all part of our rich palette.

We design for you and we offer you the following services:

  • Creation of new original designs with a variety of color combinations for successful products, ready to conquer the market
  • Design layout for repeated patterns
  • Hand-drawn artwork, mixed media, illustrations
  • Trend search: in the international market for innovative and fresh ideas and materials based on the forecast fashion trends
  • Mood board creation where we will communicate our ideas visually so we can propose the style we will follow to create your own collection
  • Scanning of works of art in a digital form ready for the printing process
  • Technical corrections and changes to an existing design (correct size, repeats) etc
  • Color changing and tips for the best color printing
  • Placement print layout
  • Design preparation of jacquard patterns ready for weaving
  • Custom color palette and sample development of the final design to be printed

Textile design may include:

  • Fabrics for clothing
  • Fabrics for furniture
  • Fabrics for accessories
  • Fabrics for decorative items
  • Fabrics for events
  • Fabrics for promotion