You can send your own artwork selecting the fabric type and size to via google drive, wetransfer or contact us by phone with our customer service to +30 231028677 for your personal appointment. In any case, you have to give us a detailed description of the work you request and after the cost is estimated and approved by you, we will proceed to mass production.

We ship most orders within 10 business days but that depends from the prepress work may be needed, such as color corrections or the availability of fabric. If you are interested in a product of ours, the delivery time will be known after a personal contact with you. After your order is completed you will be notified by email or by phone.

There is no minimum order quantity required. You can print exactly what you need, one piece or one meter. About the production of final printed products the quantity depends on the type of product you need.

Do not worry! Lacrimosa Design is ideal for anyone who wants to create designs, to communicate or create a new product. See the design dervices of our company here, on our website.

We accept files in .pdf, .jpg and .tiff format.

Before uploading your file, make sure that it has been created by the following specifications:

  • The file must be in 150-300 dpi resolution.
  • The color profile should be Adobe RGB or CMYK
  • Without layers (flattened)
  • All fonts must be curved
  • The files should not be compressed

You should send your file in the physical dimension that you want the final product to have. For example, if you want to create a 50×50 cushion you have to send the file on this dimension. At the same time, you have to pay attention to the dimension of your pattern-design that is to be printed so that it also has the proportion you need. Also calculate in your printout any extra area you will need for processing (cutting & sewing). If you are planning to print on linear meter you need to know the width of the fabric you have chosen so that the print doesn’t overflow.

A pattern must be uniform on each side. Be careful of the edges as white free lines may appear during repetition and this may appear on the printed fabric. You can send it to us for correction as this work is included in the Lacrimosa Design services.

In the sublimation printing method there are no white inks. You have to choose a fabric with a white or off-white base. However, you can print any color you want on the base (background) of the fabric so you can create the color contrast you like.

A design displayed on your computer and the printed version on the fabric or on paper will not look exactly the same. This happens because the inks, the materials and technology are different. We can help you have the perfect printed color through color processing or through printed fabric sample.

We recommend it, especially when you have used a color palette that you are not sure how will be printed. At this point you have to make all the necessary corrections needed so the final design can proceed to final printing. Keep in mind that a color tone while printed may look different depending on the type of fabric you choose.

At Lacrimosa Design we recommend 100+ tested fabrics suitable for every use. Fabrics may vary in composition, width, weight or shade. The fabric you choose is the one that suits best in your collection. There are fabrics that are best suited for decoration products, others that are ideal for clothing, accessories or outdoor. Keep in mind that many fabrics shrink when printed about 1-5%. See our fabrics here.

We print on fabrics that we have tested and know their printing behavior. However if it is required to print to your own fabric you have to make a printed sample and make all the necessary corrections to the corresponding change.

Polyester printed fabrics can be ironed and washed normally up to 500 °C. Colors are indelible and do not lose their vitality. Natural or composite fabrics, depending on the printing method, should be used and treated more gently when washed at a low temperature (30o °C).

We ship all over the world! Each order is handled according to the best courier services in order to make the parcels get to your address as soon as possible, reducing costs and making goods arrive in perfect state and ready to be used.

We mostly do not print on ready products. Everything follows the specific product line which is: design-printing-product production. However, there are small product groups such as tote bags or t-shirts where direct printing is possible.

Yes, after your order is ready, you will find a confirmation email to your inbox. Then you can pick up your order from our office at Aristotelous 24 str, 4th floor, in the center of Thessaloniki. You can call us on +302310286770 for more information.

Depending on the type and thickness of the fabric, up to 5 linear meters, the item is sent folded. In any other case it is sent wrapped in a roll with the corresponding charge.

The cost of the final printed production is a function of the type of fabric, the desired quantity and any additional work may be needed, for example color corrections, design or a sample printing. In some cases depending on the printing method used, the number of the designs can affect the price. You will always be informed in advance by email, before we proceed in any action.